Life / Disability

Life insurance can be the groundwork of your financial strategy and can help you leave a lasting legacy. Life insurance offers financial protection for your loved ones when you die. Wall 2 Wall Insurance Services offers both term and permanent life insurance policies. Our agency will walk you through each option and help you decide which one best suits your current and long term needs.

Disability insurance protects your ability to receive money if you become injured or too sick to work. Most good insurance plans will pay between 50 to 70 percent of income. Wall 2 Wall Insurance Services offers several different types of coverage under the disability umbrella, including personal disability, Business Overhead Expense, employer sponsored and voluntary group Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, as well as Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Life insurance proceeds can be held in probate unless both primary and contingent beneficiaries are listed properly. Wall 2 Wall Insurance Services will make sure your policy is done correctly and reviewed promptly if a change to beneficiaries occurs.