Why is Dental Insurance is an important employee benefit?

Dental Insurance is an important tool in protecting your overall health. Brushing and flossing regularly will keep your mouth cleaner, but only a dentist or dental hygienist have the tools and ability to fully clean your teeth. Without regular cleanings, bacteria built up in your mouth can lead to decay, cavities and tooth loss.

A recent study by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that one out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease. If left untreated, it can not only lead to tooth loss, but is also associated with other chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.   

Without Dental Insurance, even a simple trip to the dentist can cost upwards of $50 a visit. With multiple family members, or more serious dental issues, that cost can quickly multiply. A Dental Insurance plan can help to get your preventive services done at little or no cost, control costs of more expensive procedures, and allow you to get those dental procedures done when needed, before they escalate to even bigger problems. 

Dental Insurance plans come in a few different “styles” - Discount, DHMO, PPO and Indemnity.   As your employee benefits advisor, we will help you to determine the type of Dental Insurance plan that would provide the best benefits at the best value for your employees.